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Welcome to the Value Vault!

The value vault contains appraisal resources and education.

Residential and Commercial Property Resrouces

Property Appraisal Resources 

The Value Vault is designed to offer easily accessible information related to basic appraisal concepts. Please contact us with any additional questions.

Scope of Work

Scope of Work explains what you need to know when ordering an appraisal. This page is the best place to start if you have never ordered an appraisal. This section explains what scope of work is for property appraisal, including the most common scope of work for a commercial and residential valuation.

Intended Use, Intended User & Client (Video)

Appraisal Basics #1 is a video explaining what intended use, intended user, and client mean within the context of appraisal.

Approaches to Value- Sales Comparison, Cost & Income (Video)

Appraisal Basics #3 is a  video explaining the sales comparison, cost and income approaches to value and when to use them.

Types of Value

This section offers an overview of the the most used value types within property appraisal, including “As is” Value, Business Enterprise Value, Disposition Value, Fair Market Value, Going Concern Value, Liquidation Value, Market Value, Prospective Value, and Retrospective Value.

Appraisal Report Types

The Report Types section explains the differences between Restricted Appraisal Reports and Appraisal Reports.

What is a Form Report?

This page explains what a form appraisal report is and when to  use it.

What is a Narrative Report?

This page explains what a narrative appraisal report is and when to use it.

What Do I Need to Know for Estate Settlement?

This page explains the basics of appraisals made for estate settlement (income tax) purposes.

Green Building Appraisal Resources

In addition to the below items, this section provides some Green Building Resources.

Green Building Office Market Reports

Office market reports for US (national) and select sub-markets.

Green Building Definitions and Certifications

An overview of a few common green building definitions and certifications.

Green Building Certification vs. Green Features

An overview of green building certification compared to green building features.

Green Features Form

The Appraisal Institute releases the Green Features form!

Advanced DCF Model Concepts

Advanced DCF analysis and concepts.

Appraising Marijuana Properties

Blog post pertaining to the appraisal of grow facilities and dispensaries.

Software Partners

We are seeking software partners to develop next-level real estate solutions.

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