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Valuation Software Solutions

We are seeking partnerships with software companies to provide an array of real estate and real estate valuation applications.

We have formulated the conceptual bases for an array of pertinent real estate software solutions. Some of these are as follows.

Net Lease Property Valuation Tool

Our net lease valuation tool which is operational and functional, is powerful and simple. The model requires zero guesswork or decision-making.

The model provides an indicated subject property value based on objectively defined income streams and what the market is paying for them. Typically, no further adjustments or subjective inputs are required. Unlike the income approach that requires a determination of a cap rate, this method only requires NOI and basic sale data.

View our page on net lease appraisals for more information.

Advanced Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) Software

Most if not all DCF software out there today lacks the ability to model in actual lease documents into the equation. There are also many other problems like the lack of tenant-level reporting and values.

This is a huge problem for much of commercial real estate. But especially, “Institutional Grade” investment properties that trade for the highest values within all real estate segments.

View our post on our DCF models.

Automated Valuation Software

Automated valuation software already exists but only in its infancy. There are number of problems with existing solutions and a number of opportunities available, for both appraisers as well as the mass market.

Valuation Software Plugins

Most valuation software available to real estate appraisers is extremely limited with respect to leveraging computing power for the actual valuation. The software does an ok job at integrating non-valuation factors such as what the subject property is. But they are extremely lacking with respect to offering assistance to the actual valuation.

Plugins designed specifically for valuation components like comparable sales and rentals analysis, adjustment support, and value conclusions are very much needed by the market.

Adjustment Software

The single biggest problem facing every appraisal preformed on a daily basis is the lack of support for adjustments made to elements of comparison such as, how much a bedroom is worth, what is the value of a view, how much is basement area worth, etc.

We have laid the conceptual framework to provide a plug-in or stand-alone software that could be used by every appraiser in the US. The user would be able to easily import a sample set of data and the software would do the heavy lifting to demonstrate the value of each desired component, such as:


  • Bedroom
  • Bathroom
  • View
  • Lot Size
  • Building Size
  • Condition
  • Quality
  • Location
  • Market Conditions
  • Or any other feature of a house or transaction…


  • Location
  • Size
  • Condition
  • Lot Size
  • Building Size
  • Tenant Quality
  • Market Conditions
  • Cap Rate
  • Or any other feature of a building or transaction…

Leveraging Big Data

There is a ton of data out there with respect to commercial and residential real estate transactions. The problem is, most if not all of the utility of this massive amount of data is not utilized. By and large, big data is vastly underutilized in real estate. There is almost an unlimited amount of possibilities, it simply comes down to which market is targeted.

End-to-End Real Estate Software

Users and managers of commercial real estate could greatly benefit from a software that is more or less a one stop shop for leasing, selling, reporting, valuing and managing commercial properties.

A one stop software to generate new documents for one property, such as:

  • Lease LOI’s
  • Actual Leases
  • Lease Gaurantees
  • Lease Payment Structure
  • General Disclosures
  • Sale LOI’s
  • Sale Contracts
  • Capital Improvements/Budgeting
  • Valuation
  • More

Chat Bots

There are a number of chat bot solutions for various components of real estate including construction, valuation, lending, virtual real estate assistants and even providing simple answers to simple questions.

This post was originally published and written on 4/25/2017. Last updated on 7/27/2017.