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Market Analysis Services

Colorado Appraisal Consultants provides market analyses for a variety of office, retail, multi-family, industrial and vacant land properties throughout Colorado.

A market analysis study can be ordered within an appraisal assignment, or as an individual report.

Market Analysis

Market Analysis is a process that examines the demand and supply of a property type within a specific market area or market segment. Given the multiple drivers and nuances of supply and demand factors for any given property type, there are differing depths of research and slightly different forms that market analyses can take.

Keep in mind that a market analysis focuses on a property type in a specific market, while a marketability analysis focuses on a specific property and how it competes within a specific market. One can perform a market analysis without a marketability analysis, though performing a marketability analysis almost always requires some level of market analysis.

Inferred vs. Fundamental Market Analysis

Almost all types of market analyses can be separated into either an inferred analysis or a fundamental analysis.

Generally, an inferred market analyses seeks to identify past and current market conditions to infer current and near-term (less than a year) market conditions.

Fundamental market analyses provide more in-depth research into supply and demand factors to forecast potential supply and demand conditions that may exist in the future.

Inferred and fundamental analyses can be broken out into four levels: A, B, C and D. Or, they can simply be referred to as inferred or fundamental. The main differences are as follows:

Levels of Market Analysis

Market Analysis Services

We can provide market analysis studies for a range of situations and property types. We are able to provide market analyses either within an appraisal, or as a separate study. Most commonly, this service is ordered as part of an appraisal. Our standard narrative format, commercial summary appraisal reports include an inferred, A or B level analysis. Appraisals for new development or redevelopment properties often require a higher level market analysis.

Market Analysis Pricing

There is no standard pricing for market analysis studies. This is mainly due to the fact that the property type and market will dictate the scope of work and level of research required. We strive to make our services cost-effective, while ensuring the highest quality report possible. Please use this online pricing form and be sure to indicate in the additional comments section if you are looking for an inferred or fundamental analysis, either within an appraisal or as a stand-alone report.