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Inferred Market Analysis Services

We offer two levels of market analysis services: Inferred and Fundamental. This page briefly describes our inferred market analysis services.

Inferred Market Analysis

An inferred market analyses seeks to identify past and current market conditions to infer current and near-term (less than a year) market conditions.

This level of analysis is focused on current and historical data, current and historical trends, current and historical rates of change, and current and historical absorption patterns. After examining these conditions, the analyst will make an inferred conclusion as to how the market is today, and what the near term perceptions are, on a fairly basic level.

Inferred market analyses are most commonly used for non-complex properties that are already built to their highest and best use and are at stabilized operating levels. One reason for this is because the current market value of this type of property is mostly affected by recent and current trends, while market conditions that may occur in a year or more are secondary. Anticipation, a basic tenet of appraisal theory that states buyers actions are based on the anticipation of future benefits, is still an important piece of the value equation. Though for a stabilized, non-complex property, the level of risk, or potential for loss, is not perceived as being highly dependent on a series of future events (such as the case for new construction or properties not at stabilization).

Inferred Market Analysis Services

Our summary appraisal reports for non-complex properties already built to their highest and best use include a limited (A-B Level), inferred market analysis. For most properties and situations, this level of analysis is all that is needed.

For new development, redevelopment, or repositioning a major asset, we would recommend a fundamental market analysis. For an overview comparing inferred to fundamental market analyses, visit our main market analysis page.

Inferred Market Analysis Pricing

Ordering an inferred market analysis either with or without an appraisal can be an excellent, cost-effective way to help your understanding of the market. Or, pairing an inferred market analysis with a marketability study on a property can provide a sound basis for understanding of how your property competes within the market. Please use this online pricing form and indicate whether or not you are looking for an inferred or fundamental market analysis, and whether or not you are looking to include it within an appraisal or individually.

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