Colorado's #1 Rated Appraisal Company

Colorado’s #1 Rated Appraisal Company


What: How The Real Estate and Appraisal Community Are Taking on the Challenge of Adding Quantifiable Green Data to the MLS and Financing Systems
Date & Time: October 12, 2010, 11:30am – 1:30pm (1st half hour is for networking)
Location: REI Community Room, 1789 28th St Boulder
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Realtors, appraisers, brokers, finance officers and the building community should attend this brown bag talk to find out about the first Colorado MLS system to add prominent, searchable green fields and why this is so important for the future of their industry.

Learn about the state-wide initiative, spearheaded by the  Appraisal Committee of the Governor’s Energy Office, to ensure that all 18 MLS organizations in Colorado join in to provide the real estate industry with tangible data that appraisers can rely on to assist them in determining value.

The lack of quantifiable green data points has created a challenge to appraisers who are trying to determine if green/energy efficient or sustainable features add value to a property.  Without the quantifiable green data points the appraiser lacks the ability to abstract the green/energy efficient/sustainable value from the market to compare it against other similar properties or properties without any energy features. In turn, this makes it less likely that those providing the financing for a purchase can incorporate the value of those green features. At the same time, a lack of good data also poses challenges to Realtors, home buyers and sellers who wish to take advantage of and/or leverage the value of energy efficiency measures that a home or building has incorporated.

Don’t miss this overview of the process that was used to identify the green features adopted, why they are important, what’s coming, and how this information will be useful for those in the real estate and building industry.

Feel free to bring your lunch!

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