Colorado's #1 Rated Appraisal Company

Colorado’s #1 Rated Appraisal Company


Valuation Consultation Services

Colorado Appraisal Consultants offers consultation services at an hourly rate to serve your unique needs. Whether you are an investor, developer, broker, buyer, or seller, utilizing the expertise of an experienced appraiser can add valuable insight to your situation.


Real estate acquisition requires an in-depth understanding of the key drivers at play with the property. When acquiring real estate assets, several unknown factors relating to the assumptions regarding future occurrences must be made. It is important these assumptions are founded on educated opinions. We can advise on several of these factors, given our experience in real estate valuation.

How Colorado Appraisal Consultants Can Help

We can help in many ways throughout your real estate acquisition. On top of providing support for you negotiations, we can affirm or establish market trends, pricing, income & expenses, buyer/seller profiles, future value, potential market obstacles, and more. We can work hand-in-hand with your acquisitions manager or act as your outsourced council. Call today to discuss your property.


Selling your property for the maximum possible value requires several strategic steps. From timing to asset positioning, understanding the intricacies of your market is critical to a property. For instance, without proper consideration of the exposure time you will either need to garner full market value, or establish a correct list price to sell within a specified time frame, you could potentially miss your targets.

How Colorado Appraisal Consultants Can Help

Most importantly, we can utilize our market expertise to help properly execute your plan. More often than not, if you are selling, you’ve already established certain parameters that you hope to accomplish. By utilizing our expertise, we can assist in keeping the deal moving in the direction you need, whether it is a timing or pricing issue. Don’t have a plan yet? We can help set goals and put strategic plans in place to help reach them.


The most effective negotiations in real estate or well-planned. Planning a good negotiation takes time, as well as an understanding of who your up against, how they make decisions, what drives them. Though most importantly, you must have the numbers to back up your argument. That’s we we come in.

How Colorado Appraisal Consultants Can Help

Wouldn’t it be nice to go into that meeting equipped with a army? Strategic negotiating points that are well planned, specific, and presentable are your army. We can help pull specific data, point out specific benefits/deficiencies, pull comps, and provide overall opinions on the property. Call us today to confidentially discuss your situation.

Effective Valuation Consultation

We love numbers. However, we’re not a server and cannot store thousands of them in our head at one time. Thus, before initiating a consultation session it is most valuable to you, and us, to have an idea of what you are hoping to accomplish. Call today to confidentially discuss your situation.