Green Building Consulting

Green Appraisal Consulting

Colorado Appraisal Consultants offers consultation to potential or existing green developments. We can help with full appraisals are general topics.

We help clients better understand their market and the nuances affecting saleability, rentability, and value. Even if you build LEED, Passive House, Energy Star, or any other type of commercial or residential green property, the property is still subject to overall market demands. Failure to take into account overall market realities, including the fact that your marketing must be highly educational, can result in serious financial loss. Further, selecting which certification to pursue, if any, can significantly alter your ability to sell/lease the property.


Cody Gale, Certified General Appraiser, LEED AP, and Director of Colorado Appraisal Consultants, has worked on green building consultation in several capacities.

He performs LEED Gap studies to examine financial feasibility of pursuing LEED, Certification Management to bring a property through certification, green building appraisals, and most importantly, how LEED or any other type of green property is viewed within the property’s market.

His experience in appraisal and construction management can be highly valuable to a project team considering building green, in the process of building green, or trying to market a built green property, from a market standpoint. He has seen what is successful and what is not. What “should have been” and what “was”, and how buyers view certain characteristics.

He was formerly part of the Colorado Commercial Real Estate Initiative which seeks to promote the proper understanding of how LEED fits into the marketplace. Cody also acted as Chief Sustainability Officer for Daniels College of Business while pursing is MS in Real Estate Finance and Construction Management from the University of Denver.

Green Building Consulting Services

There are many ways we can add value to your situation. Not all are listed here due to the unique nature of consulting, but some are:

Design Review

Review or consultation regarding the property design to identify if the property is likely to conform to the architectural type, functionality, space needs,  etc. of the properties that are actually selling or leasing in the market.

Property Marketing

Insight into how to effectively translate the value of your green features to the property buyer/user. You may as well not build green if you are not committed to equal dedication to targeted educational marketing.

Property Decision Making

Insight into which route will be better accepted by the market for one of any number of building/design decisions.

Valuation Consulting

Will your buyer/tenant pay for green? If so, how much? Is LEED or Energy Star better? Our valuation consulting mends appraisal with green building design to extract the highest value and utility of the property.


Valuation of an existing or proposed green residential or commercial property.

Price & Time to Complete

To quickly and easily get pricing and turn around for green building consultation please use our pricing form. Please be sure to include a phone number in the comments section.

Property Types

We have appraised all major commercial and residential property types:

Historical Buildings
Mobile Home/RV Park
Public/Special Purpose

Additional Questions?

We are available to answer any questions you may have about the appraisal process. Contact Colorado Appraisal Consultants Here and submit your question, or pick up the phone and dial 720-315-2530.