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Gift Tax Real Estate Appraisal Services

Gift Tax Appraisal Services

Colorado Appraisal Consultants provides gift and estate tax appraisals compliant to IRS Publication 561 and Notice 2006-96 related to Publication 950 that can be used for Form 706Form 709Form 8283 and other related forms for gifts and donations of commercial real  estate.

Gift Tax

Gift taxes are imposed on certain property transfers. To understand if you will be liable for Federal or State gift taxes, consult an experienced attorney, CPA or tax adviser. According to The Dictionary of Real Estate Appraisal, 5th edition, published by the Appraisal Institute, “gift tax” is defined as:

“A graduated tax, imposed by the federal government and some states, on gifts of property during the donor’s lifetime; under the law, gifts may include irrevocable living trusts.” 

Real Estate Appraisals for Gift, Donation, and Estate Tax Purposes

Real estate appraisals for matters related to Federal taxation by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) are similar to appraisals made for other purposes, such as lending, though there are some additional requirements. Refer to our overview of Publication 561 for more details.

Qualified Appraiser/Appraisal

An appraisal made for gift tax purposes must be completed by a qualified appraiser. The appraiser must prepare a qualified appraisal.

Colorado Appraisal Consultants can provide qualified appraisals for a range of commercial real estate property types such as:

Coverage areas are generally urban, suburban and rural areas of Colorado, including:

Gift Tax Real Estate Appraisal Pricing

To quickly and easily get pricing for a gift or estate tax related appraisal, please use this pricing form. If the date of value is Retrospective (in the past), please indicate the exact date. 


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