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Oil & Gas Property Appraisal

Appraisal services for oil and gas properties located in Adams, Arapahoe, Boulder, Broomfield, Clear Creek, Denver, Douglas, Eagle, Elbert, El Paso, Gilpin, Jefferson, Summit and Weld counties. 

Oil and Gas Property Appraisal
Oil and Gas Property Appraisal

Oil & Gas properties present a unique situation for appraisers due to the separation of ownership, or potential separation of ownership, between surface and subsurface rights. In most cases, the value of the oil and gas deposit is greater than the value of the surface land, if there is active production on-site.

Mineral Rights

Most commercial appraisers are not familiar enough with minerals to provide a credible opinion of value regarding the value of the deposit (subsurface). This is because to properly value minerals, geology and mineral production aspects are crucial, which are not commonly part of appraisal education. For the most part, we believe the mineral valuation is best handled by an expert in minerals, not a property appraiser wearing a geologist’s hat. For this reason, we have partnered with a local mineral appraisal firm to bring a complete packaged solution to market for clients in need of an appraisal establishing surface and subsurface value. Or, if you simply need to understand the mineral rights’ value, we can refer you to our expert.

Surface Rights

When active production is present on the property, there can be income associated with “damages” occurring on or around the property. We are not experts in assessing “damages”, but we can establish the market value of the land. There are an array of issues that come into play when valuing the surface rights, such as highest and best use, income, surrounding uses, duration of extraction, etc. Since we have experience in all major property types, including extensive land appraisal experience, we are able to competently appraise a variety of situations.


Colorado Appraisal Consultants has experience providing appraisals for the following purposes:

  • Expert witness
  • Litigation
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Insurance
  • Gift Tax
  • Donation
  • Estate Settlement (IRS-income tax)
  • County Tax Appeal
  • Debt Restructuring
  • Foreclosure (REO)
  • Accounting
  • Private Financing
  • Mortgage Financing/Lending (including SBA)
  • Metro District Financing
  • Internal Decision Making
  • Buy/Sell
  • And more…

Price & Time to Complete

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Additional Questions?

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