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Colorado’s #1 Rated Appraisal Company


Green Building & Cannabis Appraisals

Green Building & Cannabis Specialists

Colorado Appraisal Consultants is a leading provider of appraisals for high-performance commercial buildings and cannabis/marijuana use properties. 

High-Performance Building

Per the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007, a high-performance building is defined as:

“A building that integrates and optimizes on a life cycle basis all major high performance attributes, including energy conservation, environment, safety, security, durability, accessibility, cost-benefit, productivity, sustainability, functionality, and operational considerations.”

Cannabis Property

Cannabis properties generally refer to any property used for marijuana production and/or sales. These types of properties include outdoor farms, greenhouses, grow facilities that are typically industrial buildings, large scale cannabis manufacturing facilities used for growing and extracting product, cannabis laboratories and retail dispensaries. The facilities can be either recreational or medical marijuana. 


We have appraised some of Colorado’s largest marijuana production facilities, many retail dispensaries and prominent high-performance buildings.

We recently appraised the Rocky Mountain Institute’s Innovation Center in Basalt, CO which is one of Colorado’s highest performing buildings. The building is LEED Platinum certified. 

We recently appraised a proposed +/- 100,000 SF marijuana production facility in Pueblo, CO.

Some of the property types we have worked with in this sector include:

– Grow Facility
– Manufacturing/Production
– Retail Dispensary
– Retail Dispensary + Gas Station
– LEED Certified 
– Energy Star
– Net Zero
– Office
– Retail
– Industrial
– Specialized Manufacturing
– And more…

Pricing and Turn-Around Time

Please visit our pricing page for pricing and turn-around time on your green building appraisal needs.

Appraiser Selection

Like any other appraisal situation, the appraiser is required to have experience with a particular property type prior to accepting the assignment, or, disclose the lack of experience to the client prior to accepting the assignment, in which they must disclose in the appraisal report the steps taken to gain competency.

Using an appraiser who is not familiar with LEED or green buildings typically results in little to no analysis done on their behalf with respect to the subject, or the market. Believe it or not, there are appraisals of LEED properties in which the appraiser has not even mentioned once throughout the entire appraisal that the property is certified. Whether market data supports a premium or no premium, it is still a characteristic of the property that should be analyzed, or at least disclosed.

Utilizing an appraiser who is familiar with green building will increase the likelihood of a proper valuation. The US Green Building Council recognizes a LEED Accredited Professional (AP) as an individual with substantial green building education and continuing education within green building. Cody Gale is a LEED AP and experienced appraiser. Having worked on multiple green building projects, including LEED feasibility and Certification, as well as serving as the Chief Sustainability Officer for Daniels College of Business while obtaining his Masters Degree in Real Estate & Construction Management from the University of Denver, he has substantial experience and training regarding green building costs and financial implications.