Expert Residential Appraisal Services



At this time our residential appraisal services are on an extremely limited basis and for the most part we are not accepting new residential orders except for apartment/multi-family properties. 

Colorado Appraisal Consultants has experience providing residential appraisal services for all primary residential property types including single-family, condo, duplex and multiple unit properties. Our services have been used by buyers, sellers, banks, attorneys and more. Read more about our company here...

We have experience providing residential appraisal services for:

- Buyers
- Sellers
- Expert Witness
- Litigation
- Divorce
- Financing/Lending
- Pre-Listing Evaluation
- Pre-Purchasing Evaluation
- Dispute Resolution
- Insurance
- Estate Settlement (IRS)
- Foreclosure (REO)
- Accounting
- Internal Decision Making
- Partnership Buy-In/Buy-Out
- And more…

Areas Covered

Generally, we provide residential appraisal services to the seven-county Denver/Aurora/Boulder Area, including

- Adams County
- Arapahoe County
- Clear Creek County
- Broomfield County
- Denver County
- Douglas County

View our appraisal coverage areas for additional information.

Property Types

We can establish value for all residential property types, including:

- Single-Family (attached and detached)
- Condo
- Duplex
- Triplex
- Fourplex
- Multi-family (5 units or more)
- Subdivision
- Ranch
- Trophy property
- Luxury property
- Green property
- Live/work
- Land
- New/Proposed Construction

What is "UAD" (Uniform Appraisal Dataset)? 

At this time, we do not provide UAD appraisal reports.

The Uniform Appraisal Dataset (UAD) was introduced by Fannie and Freddie in September 2011 to provide for even further standardization of residential appraisal reports made for all real estate loans that will be sold to Government-Sponsored Enterprises. Thus, a "UAD" appraisal report is only required if the appraisal is made in connection with a GSE loan. It is not required if the appraisal is not going to be sold to a GSE.

UAD did not introduce new appraisal forms, rather, the classification of property condition and other terms and definitions. A summary of UAD terms and condition classifications can be seen here: UAD Terms and Definitions

For consumers, the first and current phase of UAD would largely be unnoticed unless you are familiar with reading residential appraisal reports. This is because the form is still the same. If you are ordering a residential appraisal NOT in connection with a GSE loan, there is no need for a UAD report type.

Pricing and Turn-Time 

The best way to understand how much an appraisal will cost for you is to complete this brief pricing request form.